Welcome to Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy. As the founder of this business, I am dedicated propelling your brand to new heights, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for crafting bespoke marketing strategies for you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Brand vision

My approach involves creating strategic, collaborative partnerships with clients, to deeply understand your business and marketing goals. It’s through this personalised approach that I devise strategies uniquely tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Philosophy and Approach

Who am I? I am someone who appreciates the beauty of simple yet elegant solutions. In an alternate life, I would have chosen the path of an engineer. This passion for creativity extends beyond the professional realm and finds its way into my daily life and the solutions I provide to my clients.

I recall a challenging incident during my first sailing adventure off the coast of Türkiye. Stranded in a remote bay with a dropped anchor attached to a dead motor- with help potentially hours away. My solution involved an observation subconsciously filed away. Unwinding the anchor chain in its entirety from its winch revealed a rope tying it to the spool. The chain was reattached to a different motor along the deck raising the anchor and setting us free to sail the beautiful turquoise waters. This kind of innovative thinking is indicative of the problem-solving approach I bring to every client challenge.

My father, M.A. Malik with his 8mm camera for shooting footage of his epic journey from Kenya to England in 1971.
My father, M.A. Malik with his 8mm camera- always ready to shoot footage of his epic journey from Kenya to England in 1971

Legacy of Determination

My resolve is a trait inherited from my family. My father, M.A Malik, an adventurer of many exploits, including an epic 1971 journey spanning 14,000 miles from Kenya to England in his favourite Land Rover. Neither losing his way in the Sahara, improvising repair parts for the Land Rover nor crossing a flooded Congolese river aboard a makeshift raft balancing across two canoes made him abandon his journey or his spirit of adventure! This tenacity, documented through his trusty 8mm camera, inspires my ethos of perseverance and innovative problem-solving.

Global insights

Having lived and worked across diverse linguistic and market landscapes, I bring a rich, global perspective to each client’s brief. This extensive exposure enhances SMS&BC’s ability to navigate and leverage different market norms and challenges, enriching your strategic solutions.

Social responsibility

At SMS&BC, social responsibility is a core value as my global exposure highlights the pressing limitations and challenges being faced by communities. This has inspired me to develop solutions which innovative and also ethically grounded.

Commitment to excellence

As a proud member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I am committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends through continuous professional development. This dedication ensures that we offer cutting-edge solutions and insights, helping your brand thrive in a competitive marketplace.

At Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy, we bring this wealth of experience, a passion for innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence to help you succeed. Contact us today to start your journey towards brand excellence.