Social responsibility and Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy

Social responsibility is important to Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy. As the founder, I am committed to addressing global social issues, with a particular focus on the lives of women and children. The consultancy aims to make a positive impact on society, emphasising not only business success but also ethical principles.

To reinforce this commitment, SMS&BC pledges to donate a percentage of profits to humanitarian charities, ensuring that our growth benefits those in need.

My decision to share posts from my blog- started during the Covid pandemic- is to continue sharing the values which will inform and enrich this consultancy’s mission to serve our clients.

Your Marketing Partner

SMS&BC aims to be more than just a marketing service provider. I aspire to be your marketing partner, helping to shape your brand with a global vision rooted in ethics and social responsibility. Together, we can build brands that not only succeed but also make a difference.

Our aim is to demonstrate over time that Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy offers more than marketing services; we are your marketing partner, shaping brands with global vision, ethics and social responsibility.

A 'female' robot

2025: Our future prosperity depends on these skills and jobs


Which skills will dominate the future of work? What industries will become prominent in 2025 and which careers will fall by the wayside? My daughter returned to school after the autumn holidays to even greater COVID-19 related restrictions. Secondary school students continue to wear face masks all day, our region in France had a short-lived curfew after which the entire country went into lockdown V2.0. Thankfully, the French government has learnt from the first lockdown and are determined not to repeat the breakdown in education, deciding to keep schools open. However, this time, the mask wearing will begin with children […]

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Colourful pencils

STEM powered


The acronym STEM used in schools and by careers advisors represents Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics- the fastest growing and most lucrative career sectors in the future. STEM also represent industries which are under-represented by women. STEAM (with the addition of Arts), are the projects my daughter and I enjoy even prior to hearing this term, as my aim is to encourage a life-long love of learning. The world is an exciting place and there is so much to discover. We have enjoyed hours of fun doing Harry Potter themed chemistry experiments, watching National Geographic documentaries on the construction of cutting edge […] Read more

Social responsibility. 1.6 billion children and young adults were out of school worldwide during the COVID-19 lockdown. Source: Save The Children

The importance of being educated


June 8th was the day my daughter returned to school after the lockdown in France ended. Some of her school friends had already returned in May, with others choosing not to go back until school attendance became compulsory again. My daughter, was excited to see her teacher and friends. She was equally happy to get away from her parents-who-had-become-teachers and enjoy her final year of primary school- an experience which had certainly been interrupted.  20 million more secondary school-aged girls will not be returning to school post COVID-19 lockdown As countries emerged from lockdown around the world, a recurring theme […] Read more

International day of the girl

International day of the girl


Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Sunday, 11th October is International Day of the Girl. The existence of this day has jolted me out of my preoccupations from the past few weeks and serves as a powerful reminder of why I started writing my blog in the first place. 2020: A challenging year 2020 continues to prove a year of challenge, affecting the world almost unanimously. In the last few months, I, like many others, lost my job, my husband contracted the COVID-19 […]

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Camel looking to the right

A girl’s right to an education


You may be wondering about the relevance of the photo above as a camel might strike you as quite random given the topics I usually write about. But this article is about education and you will read about how Roshan the camel is helping rural children with theirs. The right to an education I recently joined a panel conversation organised by philanthropic organisation, Giving Women on the subject of gender equity: can educating girls make it happen? The webinar showcased a film called The Road to Vrindavan, focusing on the uphill struggle faced by a group of young girls in India […]

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