At Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy (SMS&BC), we recognise the evolving needs of startups in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape. Leveraging AI into our marketing strategies, our comprehensive suite of services addresses the specific challenges and opportunities faced by emerging businesses, ensuring a tailored approach to achieve sustained growth and differentiation.

Specialising in start-up business

Start-ups seeking to utilise AI:

Benefit from SMS&BC external expertise, personalised strategies with proposed AI marketing tools relevant to the challenges and opportunities faced by your new company- without the burden of an in-house team.

AI industry start-ups:

Benefit from an SMS&BC specialist AI in marketing partnership, helping you directly address industry-specific needs and ethical AI practices to build your start-up into a trustworthy brand.

Skills & services we offer our clients:

Personalised marketing strategies:

Utilising AI tools and analytics, SMS&BC crafts marketing strategies that align with the unique identity and objectives of your startup to ensure your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.

Bespoke brand management:

SMS&BC understands the importance of market positioning, partnering with clients to ensure plans are tailored to enhance and solidify your brand identity.

Long-term strategic planning:

Whether you need single or multi-year strategy, SMS&BC maps out your marketing journey with AI-driven insights to guide every step towards achieving your business objectives.

Market knowledge

World map in red

Global perspective:

With a deep understanding of diverse markets including the Europe, Middle East, South Asia and South Africa sectors, SMS&BC brings a global perspective enriched by AI insights. Our international experience across various industries, from Financial Services to Luxury, provides a strategic edge to your marketing efforts.

Core competencies

Client positioning at the centre of Venn diagram consisting of objectives, goals and core competencies.

Goal and objective alignment:

SMS&BC strategy and brand plans are designed to align with your start-up’s core competencies and marketing goals and objectives. By integrating AI, we enhance the precision of targeting and personalisation, directly contributing to your success metrics.

Our partnership

Desired outcome achievement:

Partnership with Samira Malik Strategy & Brand Consultancy is to achieve the desired outcomes for your start-up. Whether that is increased market share, brand equity, sales growth, or other business objectives.


As native English speakers, SMS&BC guarantees clear and compelling communication where English may not be your first language. Our attention to detail ensures that messaging is effective and culturally sensitive. With multilingual capabilities in English, French, Urdu and Punjabi, we ensure that your message resonates clearly and effectively across different markets.

Intellectual property protection: 

We prioritise your confidentiality with Non Disclosure Agreements, ensuring the protection of intellectual property throughout our collaboration.